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Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers

Act Now!

Here's the TRUTH!

Counting While Dancing Doesn't Guarantee Your Timing.

MOST people will NEVER understand how the clave helps their dancing WITHOUT this information.


You can't figure out where to get this important information and
most dance instructors can't teach you...they simply don't know.

You don't know how to connect with the music.

You don't feel confident in your timing.

You haven't improved in your dancing.

But that's not the end of the problem...

it actually gets worse...

Here's the Real Problem you're facing

You may know about the clave but either you can't hear it in the music or you can't tell where to anchor your steps.

Other dancers you know have gotten better while you remain the same.

And, worst of all, you eventually shy away from the better dancers or they don't seek you out to dance.

But luckily for you, there's now a solution...


Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers course

  • Discover exactly how to recognize the clave rhythm.
  • How to develop an ear for individual rhythms.
  • Step-by-step, how to find the clave in the rhythms throughout every Salsa song.
  • How to dance Mambo multiple ways.
  • How to recognize and what to do when you find how the music "Made" you change your timing.
  • Discover the hidden secrets of the clave that tells you what to expect in the rhythms/music.
  • How to Finally lose the numbers and rely on rhythm.
  • How to transition into and out of the core rhythm of dance.
  • The quick 3-finger clave connection trick.

Here's Exactly What You Get With
The Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers Course

  • Comprehensive Step-By-Step breakdown of the clave.
  • Segregated rhythms with 8-count primers and with clave to better recognize, understand, and synchronize your dancing to those rhythms through the clave.
  • Details covering the rhythms, the (Classic, Modern,  Clave and Hybridizing) Mambo dance steps
  • Breakdown of arranged sections of Salsa tunes to help with phrasing and knowing where each instrument's rhythms are.
  • Everything you need to begin your journey to becoming a better dancer through rhythm.
  • All the above of Salsa/Mambo-specific information in an online delivery anywhere and on most devices.
  • And much more...

You're probably asking...

How can I make these claims?

Here's why we can make these
promises to you:

  1. I spent 2 years interviewing Salsa musicians, doing research and spent the last 20 years teaching this very same material.
  2. I've sold this eye-opening material for over 15 years.
  3. I've personally taught people from all over the world how to do this successfully.
  4. I've gone through hundreds of hours of study, reviews, interviews and then transposing all this information for dancers (I know most of the answers to the questions dancers ask).
  5. 1000s of people have used my system since 1999.

But don't just take my word for it!

Take a look at this...


  • I've taken the time and effort to literally breakdown every element of repeatable rhythms in Salsa music with proven results.
  • It could take you years of Salsa music research and knowledge of music and then apply it perfectly to dance on your own or use this program to get there much faster.
  • Today's Salsa marketplace has very few resources to up your dance level through rhythm, IF you know how to use the tools.
  • The BEST way to FEEL the music is if you can CONNECT to the music through rhythm. Here are the Step-By-Step instructions on how to excel in dance by becoming a part of the music!
Get Onboard With The Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers Course!

If you want to:

Dance to Salsa music through rhythm without having to count…

Anticipate what happens next in any Salsa tune…

Spontaneously choreograph your dancing…

Then Take Action
Order Your Copy
Right Now!

What People Are Saying:

“Hello Mike, We met at the [3rd annual] San Francisco Salsa Congress. I took your [workshop] (which I really enjoyed). I bought both, the audio CDs and your [Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers] seminar on DVDs (the only one I didn't get was the "shines" video... maybe next time). I love them! I think every single Salsa dancer should have all this great material! I am already promoting it with all my friends! Thank you so much for this great contribution to the Salsa community! ”

Carlos Leon

“It is not that one needs to understand salsa phrasing and timing to be able to dance to salsa music and rhythm. One can become adept to the dance patterns, turns, kicks, thrusts, etc, without ever knowing about clave, tumbao and music phrasing. But, there is a rich reward at the end of the journey, if one undertakes the task of learning, and becoming aware of the ingredients in salsa, and how they all fit together to produce this very rhythmic, passionate and accelerating music. Mike Bello's CD [program] is the perfect tool for this task. In this CD, Mike decomposes salsa into its basic elements. The rhythm is explained in terms of beats, bars and music phrases. All of the rich percussion instruments and piano are introduced one at a time. Their sounds are developed at the succession of the 8-bit count and 2-3 clave. During all of this, Mike points out which sounds and which instruments should be used by salsa dancers to synchronize their feet and movements to the music. In sum, after listening to this CD, the rich reward that is gained is the feeling of "close connection" to the song and to the orchestra that is playing it. The feet, the body become another instrument that is executing the music in tune with the instruments in the band. There is also a superior understanding and enjoyment of the music and all its rich components. Our thanks to Mike for his dedication and hard work that went into putting together this CD.”

George Cuevas

“Being a timing freak myself, I find this [program] to be a very comprehensive tool for dance students. It not only breaks down the basic timing by counting out the 8 beats of the musical phrase, it also helps one to understand the various rhythms that are put under the umbrella term "salsa." Being able to count the tumbao of the conga is also a very integral part of being a dancer who dances on time and Mike does a good job of explaining what a tumbao is and how to count it. I'm going to recommend this CD and booklet to all of my dance students. ”

Marla Friedler