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Salsa - Mambo Shines

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Learn the Fundamentals of Dancing to Salsa Music (via the two most essential rhythms) and the Fundamentals of Mambo which include Mambo Hands, Mambo Kick, Core Rhythm, Universal Foot Positions of Dance, Time Step Patterns, and then Shines!

The following are benefits you receive from this program:

  1. Understanding the Clave and its Rhythm
  2. Recognize and Zero In On the Tumbao Rhythm of the Conga Drum
  3. The Best Way To Begin Looking Natural On the Dance Floor  By Using the Technique and Drill On This Video for Contra-Body Motion
  4. You'll Look Cool With Mambo Hands and Mambo Kick
  5. Universal Foot Positions of Dance
  6. Never Lose Yourself Within the Music by Applying the Core Rhythm of Mambo
  7. You'll Get Started Quickly With the Basic Time Step Pattern in Both Classic and Modern Mambo
  8. Complete Breakdown Of Over 10 Shines in both Mambo Timings
  9. And more...

Learn and practice from the comfort of your home or anywhere and on any device!

What People Are Saying:

“Review of Salsa - Mambo Shines Video "Mike Bello is one of the most respected experts on Salsa in the World." Mike Bello certainly deserves his reputation as an expert on New York Salsa. This is one of the best Salsa video's I have ever seen. It is also my second must have video for everyone. I would class this as a must have for all styles. This Salsa video is targeted at New York Mambo dancers but I feel anyone of any style who wishes to learn some excellent Footwork, Shines, (solo steps), will enjoy this video. I am not a pure New York Mambo dancer but I can use these steps. I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable & easy to understand this video was. It is a massively long video at 85 min. Packed full of shines, it also contains a wealth of information about Salsa music & how to dance on the Clave,Classic & Modern Mambo. This video has set a new standard on how shines should be shown in a video with a three window screen. One half a full body shot with a quarter close up & a quarter side on shot at the same time. Front & back views of all steps are also shown. Each shine is first shown & broken down without music meaning anyone can learn the step then the counts are added for Classic & Modern Mambo. Then you practice each step to the rhythm. This is a practical video of dance steps with the aim to explain the Clave & how to dance on it. Mike then shows you how to join the shines into a solo routine. Then a couple [Mike Bello & partner Chantal Sagouspe] dance showing you how to include the shines into your couple dancing. Mike also has 2 rhythm CD's covering all the rhythms you will ever find in Salsa music. These CD's are a must for those of you who want to learn how to dance on the Clave or any beat. One of the CD jackets contains a wealth of written information. It is a small book worth. All advanced dancers or teachers should be able to dance on the Clave as well as any beat. Learn how to synchronize your dance steps with the videos & CD's. Finally, Mike's aim in the video is to make you look "Cool." I must say he does with this video. ”

Neal (SalsaVideo.net)

“Hi Mike, This is William, all the way down from Orange County. I just received your new " Mambo Shines " video and I want to first of all thank you for the fastastically quick shipping time, and to tell you that it was excellent. For the low price of this video I expected video shots of you in your garage, instead your video has great audio,video, shows multi angle shots ( I wish everyone else making dance instructional videos, especially shine step videos, would see the importance of this). Your instruction was slow enough for anyone to be able to learn, but kept a good pace, and kept you interested the whole way through. I collect dance instructional videos, and I would happily recommend this video to anyone, GREAT JOB. Only one question left to ask you : When's the next one coming out ? The shots of you dancing with your partner at the beginning and the end of your video were very enjoyable to watch also; I would really recommend you come out with a partnering video. Thanx again Mike for a great product and best of luck with it.”

William Serrano