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Mike Bello's On2 Training Pack

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This package will get you on the road to dancing on2!

The following are some of the features and benefits you'll get from this resourceful instructional threesome:

#1: AOTC Salsa/Mambo Practice & Counting Audio Program

This audio program offers you the opportunity to really cash in on the basic rhythms that drive salsa music. This audio program will give your confidence a boost once you start to catch the rhythm and begin to know where you're at in the music.

  • Clave & Tumbao, focuses on the rhythms of the clave and the conga's tumbao allowing you to practice your steps to the rhythms and giving the listener three ways to sync to the rhythm and music: using the count, the clave rhythm and the tumbao of the conga rhythm.
  • Synchronized Counting, has four salsa tunes three of which have synchronized counting first then repeated minus the counting. The last song has a counting primer to get you started counting on your own. This is a must have tool for everyone of all levels of dance and music.
Note: This program is great for instructors as well as students. In fact, Mike uses the audio clips from this program for most of his classes with positive results!

#2: The Facts You should Know About Salsa Music, Rhythm, Phrasing & Timing Course

  • You'll understand the clave and its relationship to the music (salsa) and the dance (mambo).
  • A breakdown of several "On2" timings for men and ladies.
  • Outline of major rhythm patterns of salsa music instrumentation and its relationship to mambo through the clave.
  • Listing of how salsa songs are made up and how to anticipate what comes next in the music. You will learn how to have a better connection with (among other things) the music, the dance and your partner.
  • A complete audio breakdown of a fully produced salsa song will help you to understand salsa arrangements including when and where the traditional rhythms are typically performed.

#3: Salsa - Mambo Shines

Fundamentals of Salsa Music and Fundamentals of Dancing Mambo

  • Understanding The Clave
  • Recognize and Zero In On the Tumbao Rhythm of the Conga
  • The Best Way To Begin Looking Natural On the Dance Floor Is By Using the Technique and Drill On This Video for Contra-Body Motion
  • You'll Look Cool With Mambo Hands and Mambo Kick
  • Never Lose Yourself Within The Music By Applying the Core Rhythm of Salsa and Mambo
  • You'll Get Started Quickly With the Basic Time Step Pattern in Both Classic and Modern Mambo
  • And more...

Mike has also displayed two ways to dance on2: Classic Mambo (2,3,4 - 6,7,8) and Modern Mambo (1,2,3 - 5,6,7). Each shine is first broken down and then illustrated in each mambo timing. Afterwards, they are reviewed in practice mode to the tumbao of the conga as well as with the clave and the appropriate count for specific synchronization. There is no way that you can get lost here and you will quickly "own" each shine step (of course this comes with practice, as well)!

These absolute must-have tools finally demystifies salsa music and helps you to understand your place in the music relative to dance!

Dancing On2 has NEVER before been broken down this way.
YOU WILL GREATLY BENEFIT by this easy to learn, highly useful, totally appropriate and applicable Salsa/Mambo set!

There Is No Other Similar Resource
In The Entire Salsa Industry!