Mambo: Controlled Abandon

dance Sep 08, 2019

A Focus On Dance Floor Etiquette For Salseros
by Mike Bello

During the Christmas holidays, I went to a local church to find the schedule for New Year’s Eve mass when I happened upon...

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Styling and Timing

dance Sep 04, 2019

by Mike Bello

Much has been said, and is probably still being said as you read this, about styles of dancing to salsa music.

New York style, L.A. style, Cuban style, Puerto Rican style…...

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Is it Mambo or Salsa? Only the Clave Knows!

dance history Sep 03, 2019

by Mike Bello

My background in salsa and mambo is New York-based.
I grew up listening and dancing to salsa as far back as I can remember.

Before the advent of terms like "Hip-Hop", "Disco" and...

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Act As If!

dance Sep 01, 2019

By Mike Bello

Salsero: May I have this dance?

Salsera: Okay!

They get on the dance floor and begin to dance mambo with each other.

Salsero has been dancing regularly for over six months but feels...

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Dancing On The Sidelines

dance Aug 30, 2019

by Mike Bello

You've waited all day to get your groove on to salsa music.

You're finally dancing and, CRUNCH, someone steps on your foot.

Moments later, CRASH, your partner is...

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Partnering Connection

dance Aug 27, 2019

by Mike Bello

Here’s the scenario: You have gotten the general idea about what it takes to put the mambo dance pattern together, learning to dance for and by yourself.

Now you’re ready...

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