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Dance On2 Like the Pros

Excerpted from the Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers course, you'll learn the common ways to dance On2 and how to differentiate from Classic Mambo (Power 2 or Palladium Style), Modern Mambo (Eddie Torres technique), as well as, Dancing the Clave.

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*AOTC Salsa/Mambo Practice & Counting

This audio program offers you the opportunity to have a better sense of confidence to grasp the most basic of rhythms that drive salsa music and to know where you're at in the music.

*Always On The Clave

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Salsa Music, Rhythm, Phrasing & Timing

A Dancer's Tool To Help Demystify, Decipher & Decode Most Of The Major Rhythms In Salsa Music While Synchronizing Your Dance Steps.

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Salsa - Mambo Shines

Learn the Fundamentals of Dancing to Salsa Music (via the two most essential rhythms) and the Fundamentals of Mambo which include Mambo Hands, Mambo Kick, Core Rhythm, Universal Foot Positions of Dance, Time Step Patterns, and then Shines!

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Salsa Rhythm 4 Dancers

Ultimately, the main focus is to create a connection between rhythm and dance allowing you, the dancer, to change your point of reference from numbers to rhythm and to anticipate what comes next in music so you can spontaneously choreograph your dancing.

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